Adjustment Method of Bucket Elevator Tension System


Bucket elevator is an important elevating equipment, however, there may appear belt deviation or chain dislocation situation after using for a period of time. So we need to adjust the bucket elevator tension system to adjust it. This article will introduce the adjustment method for the bucket elevator tension system.
1.For the tension system of the bottom section of bucket elevator machine. Loose the M1 nuts on both sides, adjust tail drum levelness through the relative motion between the M3 nuts and guide sleeve on both sides.
2.Adjust the MZ nuts on both side, adjust the levelness and observe the counterweight frame leveler and make sure it reach the requirement of less than 3/1000.
3.Adjust the guide clearance between guide sleeve and guide pin on both sides., locking it after they are equal.
4.During belt bucket elevator lower section running, if there is conveyor belt deviation phenomenon, we should loose M1 on both sides and observe the belt deviation direction. If left deviation should tight left M1 and right deviation should tight right M2. Locking nuts on both sides if achieve the desired requirement.
5.After adjustment is completed, the tail drum/sprocket should be able to move within the scope of rocking beam freely, tail wheel should be able to rotating without grinding flexibly. Connecting rod chute and guide pin slide reliably.
Above is the adjustment method of bucket elevator equipment tension system. Want to learn more, welcome to visit our website: www.pkmachinery.com