Reasonable Choice of the Bearing Seal


Rollers are important parts for belt conveyor,at the same time,it also is the main spare parts for belt conveyor.The rollers’ quality depends on the conveyor working performance,in attention to the roller sealing,the bearing also has itself sealing,and this sealing can be divided in to RS and ZZ total two kinds.
Both RS and ZZ are sealing codes of bearing.RS means sealing ring structure,which belongs to contacting type sealing.It’s accomplished by the elastic deformation of rubber in the bearing inner solid and tight,using sealing ring to prevent the oil leak and dust,RS mains single sealing,2RS means double sealing.ZZ means double dust cover sealing,the cover material is steel plate,and its dust cover is made of abrasive stamping with abrasive being connected in the bearings,which belongs to non-contact seal,mainly used for preventing dust and sealing.Certainly, the sealing selection depends on the working environment,if in dust environment,the bearing needs to add sealing.If in no dust or less dust environment,we needn’t add sealing,then it can save cost,besides,in this article,the sealing is the bearing sealing,but for the bearing block sealing,it’s must installed.

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