How to Deal With the Problems Of Abnormal Sound and Leaking Coal of Belt Conveyor?


Belt conveyor with the features of structure simple, easy to maintain, less energy consumption and low cost, etc.it is widely used in light industry, electron industry, food industry, chemical industry, wood industry, mining and machinery industry etc. However, if we do not use it correctly, the problems of abnormal sound and leaking coal etc. will appear.
In general, abnormal sound is caused by the abnormal rotation of driven device and driven drum. Thus, we can judge the operation condition of the belt conveyor through the abnormal sound. During operating, if the belt conveyor roller occurs abnormal sound and rhythmed shake, may because the deviation between the bearing hole center and the outer circle center is in the process of machining, or the thickness of the seamless tube is not even, the both reasons can cause abnormal sound to belt conveyor system. We should adjust the position of the reducer motor once finding this kind of abnormal sound to avoid the input shaft of the reducer fracture.
The belt conveyor machine leaking coal during coal transportation is mainly because of conveyor belt deflection, concave section of the conveyor belt hung in the air and the transferring point of the belt conveyor machine overloading. If the keep-off rubber apron of the guide chute is damaged, the steel plate of guide chute will be far away from the conveyor belt, material is easy to be out of the guide chute. Solution: replace the keep-off rubber apron of the guide chute of the belt conveyor equipment, prolong the steel plate in the guide chute or reduce the handling capacity.
Knowing well about the common problem and solution of the belt conveyor is very useful for us to use and maintain the belt conveyors, thus improve the working efficiency.
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