The Features for Belt Conveyor Deviation Switch


The deviation switch is used for detecting belt conveyor off tracking. It is a safety equipment and can automatically alarm and stop when the conveyor belt off tracking. There are generally two level angles, which are : 1st level angle: 10、12、20 degree, 2nd level angle: 30、35、45 degree.
The installation position: The deviation switch are generally installed on both sides of belt conveyor head, middle and tail part, and 3 sets of deviation switches (6 pieces) are proposed to be installed for every 100 m long belt conveyor.
The features are as following:
1.The transmission distance can reach 10km, no need repeater.
2.Communication speed is fast, the time is less than 272ms from on-site equipment to the control center;
3.No need special cable, it can use original cable;
4.Flexible connection with PLC and computer port;
5.Good anti-jamming capability;
6.With water-proof terminal box;
7.Enclosed casing design, dust-proof, water-proof;
8.Integrated type design, fixing with 2 sets of screw bolts, easy to install and operate.