How to Select Lining Plate for Belt Conveyor Funnel


The belt conveyor is stable, there is no relative motion between the material and the conveying belt, it can avoid the damage to the conveying material. Less noise, suitable for working environment requirements of more quiet occasions. Simple structure, easy maintenance. Low energy consumption and low cost.
During running,in order to facilitate the convenience of the upstream and downstream equipment,we usually install funnel on the discharge point.Head funnel is used to lead the materials unloading by the conveyor head into the downstream equipment, the bin or a next conveyor to prevent materials from splashing and dust overflow. At the same time,the characteristics of the material should be paid attention while using the funnel to see if you need to join the lining of the funnel.
Lining board product features: wear resistance, impact resistance, self lubrication, corrosion resistance,low temperature resistance,not adhesion, anti blocking cleaning.The thickness of the lining board should also be based on the characteristics of the materials to choose,which is different according to the lining board of different materials, always in the 2mm-150mm range.