Installation Order for Belt Conveyor


Preparations before installation
Before installing the belt conveyor, the builders should be familiar with the assembly drawing and check whether the basic size and flat surface accuracy is up to the standard collating the foundation drawing.
Check the number of the parts collating the foundation drawing and the packing list.
The order of installation
Draw center line---Install the rack(head,middle,leg,tail)--- Lower supporting roller---Upper supporting roller---Strain the devices---Adhesive tape---Tense the adhesive tape---Funnel--- Clearing implement---Gathering sill etc.
The request of installation
The quality of the structural components installed has a great influence on the capability of the complete machine, so while installing, please check the following precision indexes:
The straight line degree of the center line of the frame work should not be greater than 5mm within any 25m. For the belt conveyor that can run reversibility, installing precision should be improved because the possibility of its conveyor belt off tracking is greater.
While installing the tumbler, you can add a washer under the bearing block. Adjust the position of the tumbler in order to ensure the installing precision.
The working face of the rail should be on the same plane. The difference of elevation between the rail tops should not be over 2.0mm. The straight line degree of the track within 1m is 2..0mm, within 25m it is 5.0mm and within the full length it is 15mm. The track deviation is ±2.0mm.
Installing rollers
While installation, the upper surfaces of the rollers (except the rollers whose center of gravity can be adjusted) should be on the same plane.
After installing all the clearing implements, the touch length of the scraper blade and the conveyor belt should not be less than 85﹪.