Daily Maintenance for Motorized Pulley of Belt Conveyor


There is no doubt that during daily operation of motorized pulley, it is very foremost to pay much attention to running maintenance of motorized pulley.Compared with other reducing mechanism, motorized pulley has advantages of sample structure, small volume, easy installation and so on. Today, we will talk about its daily maintenance with you, hoping after viewing this article, you can get a more profound understanding.
1.At first, please inspect surrounding environment, fastening bolt, situation of oil leakage before start operating so that it can ensure normal operation of motorized pulley of belt conveyor.
2.After 10 minutes' operation for a new motorized pulley of belt conveyor, please inspect the vibration of whole machine, noise and the temperature of all spare parts.
3.Please check whether the oil seal is wore or out of shape; please clear away dust, oil contamination and other impurities to ensure the air outlet cannot be blocked.
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