Overview of vulcanizing technique for belt conveyor’s rubber


 The vulcanizing technique for belt conveyor’s rubber is integrated with the functions of preheating,automatic gas discharge after feeding technique , pressure maintaining vulcanization, timing alarm, automatic open mould and products out of the mold, etc.,which is conducted by the vulcanizing machine.Vulcanizing machine is suitable for all kinds of rubber and plastic products vulcanization and pressing,which adopts PLC programmable controller or manual operation according to the actual needs of users, record the required process and manage the operation conveniently.
Because the vulcanizing machine is metal material with high hardness, impact vibration and composite force will occur in the process of production, which will occur gap between parts, causing wear and tear.The traditional repair methods include welding, thermal spraying, brush, etc., but there are some disadvantages exit: welding can make the parts surface reach high temperature, cause deformation or cracks, affects the dimensional accuracy and normal use, it may even cause fracture.In view of the above problems in our country,we apply polymer composite method which can not only satisfy the use requirement and accuracy of after repair, but also reduce the vibration impact of belt conveyor in the operation, prolong service life.For the wear of large vulcanizing machine, we can also use "die" or "matching parts" for damaged equipment on-site repair, avoid belt conveyor overall demolition, maximize the guarantee parts dimension, meet the production requirements of the belt conveyor.
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