Technological Superiority Of Belt Conveyor


To start with, belt conveyor is in reliable running. In many important production units there are many situations in need of its continuous operation, such as coal conveying in power plant, bulk material conveying in steel and cement plants, etc. And the downtime will cause huge losses. However,belt conveyor can work continuously through the tests.
Secondly, belt conveyor has lower power consumption. There is rarely relative movement between material and conveyor belt. It not only decreases the running resistance (about 1/3 - 1/5of the scraper conveyor), but also reduces the abrasion and breakage of cargo, productivity is high.
In the end, according to the requirements of technological process, belt-type conveyor is much flexible in realizing material feeding from one or more points. When feeding on a few points to the conveyor belt at the same time (such as the conveyor equipment under bunker at coal plant), belt conveyor is able to become a major transmission line .
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