Regulations on Installation & Demolition of Bucket Elevator


1.The installation and demolition of bucket elevator must be carried out according to construction plan, and arrange special person to supervise.
2.Before bucket elevator installation, please check the basic, metal structures and supporting node, and check the cable wind rope anchor and the wall connections.
3.Bucket elevator frame should be in a fixed installation. Nodes should be connected by design drawings specified bolts and shall not be reamed arbitrarily.
4.Cable wind rope used to firm bucket elevator frame should be steel wire rope. Space between free height of frame top and attachment wall should meet requirements.
5.Bucket elevator makes installation or demolition by the way of rotary process, please adopt reinforcement measure to frame. During demolition, please release cable wind rope or remove other parts after hoisting rigging has been tightened.
Above mentioned points are just for your reference, any questions please feel free to contact us. 

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