How to Improve the Operational Reliability of Buried Scraper Conveyor?


As we all know, buried scraper conveyor adopts scraper chain as transmission device.However, it also has some disadvantages: movement is not uniformity(also called” polygon effects”),thus, the failure always occurs during the operation such as chain falling, deviation, chain broken, stuck and abnormal noise etc. The operational reliability will be lower due to this. How to improve the operational reliability of buried scraper conveyor? this article will introduce for you:
1.In general, buried scraper chain conveyor adopts smooth pulley as tail sprocket, however, in our new design, we adopt sprocket in stead of smooth pulley. Thus, the tail sprocket can avoid scraper chain lateral movement relatively and overcome the chain falling and deviation to make sure the correctness and reliability of the scraper chain during operation, especially for the long distance buried scraper conveyor.
2.Install automatic material balance device and anti-blocking device in the trough of the scraper chain conveyor, control the material flow quantity in the trough strictly, make sure it can transfer materials continuously and stably and improve the operational reliability of the scraper chain conveyor.
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