Ways to Solve Calcium Carbonate Rotary Vibration Sieve Noise Problem


During the operation of calcium carbonate rotary vibration sieve,abnormal noise may occur sometimes,today PK Machinery will explain the reasons may lead to noise problem,as well as the solutions.
Please see as follows: 



Connection bolts are not removed

Remove the connection bolt

Clamp bolts are not locked tightly

Inspect and fasten the clamp bolt

Clamps arent fully fit

Open and reinstall clamps to make them fully fit  

Ball supporting plate isnt placed straightly

Straight the ball supporting palate

Ball supporting plate is damaged

Replace the ball supporting plate

Machine body contacts with other hard bodies

Spare 10cm space

Rotary vibration sieve isnt placed flatly

Place the screen flatly or fix with foundation bolt

Motor or exciter bearing failure

Replace the new bearing

Other fasteners become loose

Inspect all the fasteners regularly

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