Comprehensive Understanding of Circular Vibration Sieve Polyurethane Sieve Plate


Circular vibration sieve polyurethane sieve plate adopts polyurethane as raw material,which can be used in coal washing plant, coking plant, power plant, mining, metallurgy, petroleum plant etc.Here PK Machinery will introduce it in details:
1.Good abrasion resistance, long service life, the wear resistance 3~5 times stronger than the steel plate , 5 times stronger than ordinary rubber plate.
2.Small maintenance workload, the polyurethane sieve plate is not easy to damage,thus it greatly reduce the amount of maintenance and maintenance shutdown losses.
3.Low total cost, because of the mining vibration screen polyurethane sieve plate life is 3~5 times longer than stainless steel plate, just need few maintenance and replacement, so the total cost is not high and also very economical.
4.Good moisture resistant performance, it can work in the water medium conditions,such as water, oil and other media, to reduce the friction coefficient of polyurethane and material, more conducive to sieve, improve screening efficiency, and can avoid the adhesion of wet particles.
5.Corrosion resistance, non flammable, non-toxic and tasteless.
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