Introduction the Main Reason for the Accident of Coal Belt Conveyor


Coal belt conveyor is one of the main equipment for transporting and elevating. Due to poor mine environmental conditions, improper production management , imperfect technical management measures, belt conveyor accidents occur repeatedly, threat to coal mining workers’ safety seriously and production affected severely.
This article will analyze the main reason for the accident of coal belt conveyor:
1.The conveyor belt on fire accident
Conveyor belt on fire accident is one of the most accident casualties, the main reasons are: a. Do not use flame retardant conveyor belt according to the requirement of coal mine safety regulations and friction heat on fire. b. Adopt unqualified hydraulic coupling injection on fire. c. Imperfect protection device, poor maintenance quality.
2.Belt slip, falling accident
Belt slippage is because of the conveyor belt loose, large load. Belt falling is because of large inclined lane Angle, imperfect non-slip facilities, overloading or overload.
3.Violations of injuries
The causes of violations of injuries are: a. take the belt conveyor violation. b. across/through the belt conveyor. c. The offside protection device of the belt conveyor which can take person is not sound.
Above are the reasons for accidents of coal mine belt conveyor. Only learn the reasons for the accident of belt conveyor well, you can found the project to avoid it in advance.
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