Why We Need To Select the Screw Pitch of Coal-mine Screw Conveyor?


Screw conveyor is a kind of conveyor without flexible traction artifacts, relying shaft with helical blades rotating cylinder pushing the material to move or make a rotary movement of the material with an inner spiral blade in a closed trough. Its main advantages: simple and compact structure; low cost and easy to install and maintain; can be widely applied to the mining industry. So why we need to select the screw pitch for the coal-mine screw conveyor? This article will introduce for you.
Under the condition of filling coefficient φ is fixed, the screw pitch not only decides the slip plane of conveying material, but also determines the size of the spiral angle, so suitable screw pitch of the screw conveyor has great influence to the efficiency of material conveying. In addition, under the condition of handling capacity Q and screw conveyor diameter D are fixed, the slip plane of the material along the axial movement will change with the change of the screw pitch, thus will cause uneven material movement speed change. In general, for LS series coal-mine screw conveyor, screw pitch is (0.8-1) D, when the material with poor fluidity or screw conveyor machine is inclined, t<=0.8D and horizontal arrangement, t=(0.8-1)D.
Above is why we need to select the screw pitch of the coal mine screw conveyor, if you want to learn more about the screw conveyor, welcome to visit our website: www.pkmachinery.com.

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