Working Principle and Structure Feature of Coal Vibration Feeder


Coal vibration feeder is a feeding device using the principle of vibration, suitable for mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials and other industries, can feed block and granular materials to next working procedure.
Coal vibration feeder is mainly composed of seal cover, damping spring, trough body, vibration motor.Two counter-rotating enormous vibration motor occurs vibration force, make the body on the supporting spring vibration, the material is powered by vibration, sliding upward and doing throwing movement,thus material moves forward to achieve the purpose of feeding.
Due to the large machine vibration , high hanging height, depth and area of embedded object should be according to the soil condition and calculated separately.Machine installation size can refer to equipment installation drawing .Feeder foundation height and discharging form can be designed according to the terrain condition using steel structure or concrete platform to increase or decrease the height in order to meet the demands of next working procedure (customized by user).
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