Commissioning Notes of DY Portable Belt Conveyor


Before end-users puts portable belt conveyor into use, please carry out commissioning. Following parts are what we should pay attention to, hope this article wrote by PK MACHINERY can help you.
1)Preparation and inspection before commissioning of belt conveyor
①All fasteners should be fastened.
②Motor stator coils in the motorized pulley and insulation resistance of frame should be more than 5 megohm.
③Without lubrication, return pulley, rollers, rise-and-fall device, moving wheels and tail pulley should not be operated.
2)It should be more than 2 hour to operate machine with no-load.
3)When operating machine with no-load, we should inspect portable belt conveyor as following aspects:
①When pressing every button, it should be controlled effectively.
②The rising temperature of bearings is no more than 40℃ and the highest temperature shall not be more than 80℃.
③Rollers should connect with belt and rotate flexible. If there are some rollers that do not rotate, we can strike the rollers gently by hammer.
4)After operating with no-load, we should inspect the following aspects:
①There is no oil leak phenomenonin in every lubrication place.
②All fasteners should not be loose.
③The whole structure should be no obvious out of shape, and the performance of all components should be better.
5)If the commissioning with no-load is qualified, we can proceed commissioning with full load. All procedure and inspection items are idem.
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