What Factors Cause Abnormal Sound in Operation of Cement Bucket Elevator?


1.The base plate of cement bucket elevator and buckets of bucket elevator encounter, adjust the take-up device, make the chain tension.
2.The key of drive shaft or driven shaft are flabby, sprocket happen displacement, bucket is collided with casing. Adjust the position of sprocket, and impact the key.
3.Guide plate is collided with bucket, repair the position of the guide plate.
4.There are some materials between the guide plate and chain bucket, enlarge the angle of base.
5.Bearing fault happened, can not be operated flexible, should replace the bearing.
6.Material piece stuck inside the plate chain cement bucket elevator frame shell,when stop, remove the material piece.
7.The tooth shape of sprocket (driving and driven sprocket) is not straight, correct sprocket tooth shape or replace new sprocket.
8.Drive sprocket and chain is disengaging tooth badly,repair the tooth shape of driving sprocket.
9.Drive chain is idling, and adjust the chain length.
10.Casing installation is not correct, adjust the vertical degree of is the casing length.
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