The Function and Installation Sketch of Bucket Elevator Asbestos Tape


Recently, 3 bucket elevators have been arrived in Australia and started to install on site. However, our customer is wondering about the function and installation position of the asbestos tape during the installation. So in this article we will introduce the function and installation method of asbestos tape.

bucket elevators
Asbestos consists of fibre bundle, fibre bundle consists of fibres which are thin and long shape and separated with each other. Asbestos has the advantage property of highly fire-resistance, electric insulation and heat-resistance etc. The asbestos tape is made of superior asbestos which is applied for sealing material for all kind of equipment, heat-resistant material or other asbestos products.

asbestos tape
The installation quality of the bucket elevator requires a good sealing property. Asbestos tape is the most common sealing material for bucket elevator. It not only can prevent powder escape and environment pollution, but also can reduce material waste. The installation position of the asbestos tape is at the joint between the casing flanges. Before connecting the flanges, we should add the asbestos tape between the flanges, then connect it with bolts. Please check the following picture as your reference.  

asbestos tape of bucket elevator