Here are Some Points on Vibrating Feeder


Vibrating Feeder is a kind of feeding equipment, which consists of feed spout, vibration body, vibrating motor, damping device. This kind of feeding equipment can feed material for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, bucket elevator, vibrating screen, crusher, etc. Here we would like to share some points about it with you. Please look at the following writing.
1.Please horizontally install vibrating feeder so as to make sure of feeding materials uniformly. When feeding ordinary materials, the vibrating feeder can be install declined 10 degree; while if dealt with viscous material or larger water content materials, declination can be 15 degree.
2.Suspension device of vibrating feeder should adopt flexible connections.
3.Before carry out non-load trial run, please tighten all bolts, especially the vibration motor bolt.
4.During commissioning, two vibration motors must rotate reversely. Please check whether there is abnormal situation, or must take measures to solve it.
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