The difference between high quality roller and inferior roller


Some customers often ask,why is your roller price so expensive,i can get much cheaper price with the same specification from other suppliers,in fact,as a supplier,we just want to show that our price is very reasonable through the quality proving,you will get what you pay for.PK Machinery will teach you how to distinguish high quality rollers and inferior rollers.
1.Surface painting,in fact,you can’t distinguish the rollers quality from the painting,a qualified roller will paint twice at least,but some suppliers in order to reduce the cost to increase the competitive edge,they only paint once,if you bought one pith rollers,but the painting skin is easy to be cut down,congratulation to you,you successfully buy a bad pith rollers.
2.On weight,the weight of high quality rollers should be greater than inferior roller,because the weight different from the roller pipe wall thickness and the wall thickness of the bearing,the wall thickness of inferior rollers is very thin,so the service life of them will not be too long.
3.Sealing,common sealing can be divided into three groups and seven groups,this is also a major reason which leads to the price discrimination.
4.Bearing,both are SKF,NSK,some prices are expensive,some price are cheaper,why?if you feel happy because you use little money but have bought a famous brand bearing,you need to consider whether you have bought fake.
5.Machining precision,if the the machining precision can’t meet the standard,it can lead to belt deviation,belt wear,please confirm whether you meet this situation.
In a word,good cargo will never be cheap,cheap cargo may be bad one,please don’t only believe in the price.