How to Debug Buried Scraper Chain Conveyor?


As we all know, it is very important to debug the drag chain scraper conveyor after installing. This article will introduce how to debug the scraper chain conveyor:
1.Before debugging, please arrange personnel to check whether the oil filling level of the reducer is proper or not, whether the cooling water is connected or not, whether the fastener is firm or not, whether all the oiling parts are oiled or not, whether the assemble of the scraper chain is right or not, etc. Then clean the barriers of head and tail of the scraper chain conveyor.
2.After checking, electrician should inch the motor and check whether there is abnormal noise or not first,then start up the scraper conveyor. Observers should check whether there is abnormal noise of motor and reducer. Temperature should not rise suddenly. Check whether the scraper chain matches the sprocket well, whether there is chain jumping phenomenon or bouncing phenomenon or not when the scraper chain runs to the head impact trough or the middle section.
3.If there is question, please send a professional personnel to switch down the power and guard the stop/open button, hang the work card “Maintaining, prohibit power transmission” as well. Then debug and install it until scraper conveyor machine work well.
Above is the debugging process of buried scraper chain conveyor, want to learn more, welcome to visit our website: www.pkmachinery.com