How to Install Linear Vibration Sieve Mesh?


1.When installation the linear vibration sieve mesh, must tension the screen mesh,because the screen tension degree are the important factors which influence the screening efficiency;
2.Attention that you must choose the coarser mesh size,because the installation of the linear sieve mesh is relatively complicated;
3.When adding bouncing ball,it is important to consider the screening difficulty of raw materials, can't add blindly;
4.When cutting,the width of screen mesh should be consistent with the rack,but length must be longer than rack out of 50 ~ 70 mm;
5.If the density of the material is high or linear vibration screen mesh is high,it should add netting which mesh is suitable below the screen mesh,it plays a supporting role, reduce the material pressure to sieve net,prolong the service life;
6.After the rack assembly to screen box according to the requirement,put the extra screen mesh into the corresponding discharging mouth to avoid the mixing phenomenon;
7.When installing a pressure plate,it is important to pay attention to the flatness,and lining sealing tape to lock down,because this is the key to avoid mix level,is an important factor which affect the service life of the screen mesh;
8.After the installation,you should use a few material testing machine allocation and screening situation,if the materials are conveyed evenly forward, and the classification is accuracy, no mixing phenomenon, then it can be put into use;On the other hand, if a wandering or uneven phenomenon such as cluster happen,you should adjust the flatness and uniformity of the sieve mesh surface;If it appear mixed level phenomenon, should check whether linear vibrating screen mesh is sealed and compressed.
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