How to Replace the Chain of the NE Bucket Elevator?


1.Prepare tools and spare parts,especially ensure that the non-return device of the bucket elevator is in regulation, it is forbidden to reverse the plate chain bucket elevator.
2.After dismantling the hopper, remove the driven shaft bearing support,bearing and end cover which is at the bottom of the NE bucket elevator.
3.Use hand chain to hoist the driven shaft to separate from the big chain,use gas to cut open two chain,and take out the pulley from the hoist body.
4.After the two chains are broken,there will be four chain head, stretch out the head two chains from the end cover manhole door out of elevator which is running upward,and connect the new chains in the joint,send the chain to elevator body,the other side of new chain stay outside the enclosure,after a certain amount of chains are sent to the casing,make the plate chain bucket elevator run.
5.Stretch the two chains in downward movement out of the hole out of elevator door cabinet,just hatch door is advisable,if it is longer ,it should be disconnected,in order to have enough space to place out the the elevator chain inside.So, use this method we can replace the old chain.
Pay special attention to here,replace the two chains and work at the same time.Normal half day we can replace the big chains.
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