Installation,Commissioning and Maintenance for Tripper Belt Conveyor


The whole tripper conveyor assembly and commissioning are finished in our factory workshop. After the tripper conveyor arrived at working site, only place the tripper conveyor on the conveyor rail, and let the conveyor belt through the drum and roller groups, to make the conveyor belt circle the transmission drum and bend drum and tripper conveyor.

After finishing the conveyor belt connection and tripper conveyor power cable layout etc, then debugging it according to the following order:
Before starting up, please kindly check whether the gearbox had been added lubricating oil, whether there are barriers around the tripper rail. If there is no problem, then start up.
Firstly, inching the machine, and check whether the brake is suitable, and whether need to be adjusted;
When the tripper conveyor moves along the rail at first time, we should adopt inching type. This can avoid colliding the possible barrier and meanwhile check whether the rail is suitable for the move wheel, whether the tripper conveyor parts have other problems.
If the above operations are normal, please continue testing the tripper conveyor to move to any other points, mainly inspecting the wheel rotation, running steady and whether the rail and the moving wheel are matched, otherwise make necessary adjustment.
If the above commissioning is qualified, then come into service.

Instruction and maintenance
1)Designate special operator to make maintenance;
2)Be careful, before starting up, please kindly confirm there are no people around the tripper conveyor;
3)Please kindly inspect the machine after shutdown per day, clean and eliminate the negative factors, such as dust, material dropping down the machine and cleaning the material around the rail.
4)Please regularly check whether the screw bolts are loose and tight in time, regularly add lubricating grease in bearing and add lubricating oil on transmission chain.