Installation Details of Belt Conveyor Tension Device


2.1 The position of the tension device of belt conveyor should be confirmed according to tension device type, belt core materials, belt length and rev, braking requirement . and shall meet the following requirements :
2.1.1 About vertical frame type or level car type tension device, loose forward stroke should be 20% ~ 40% of whole stroke. Among them : nylon belt, canvas belt, which length is more than 200 m, and which motor is direct starting and braking requirement, loose stroke should be little value.
2.1.2 About winch or belt conveyor spiral tension device, loose forward stroke should not be less than 100mm .
2.2 After the winch type tension device assembly,the vertical deflection deviation of taut wire rope  centerline  and pulley rope groove should be less than 1/10.
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