Issues Should be Noticed During Sidewall Belt Conveyor Conveying Grain


According to the current situation in our country, sidewall belt conveyor is most commonly used in the conveying of coal mine, cement, chemical raw materials.
When conveying grain, the following questions should be noticed during sidewall belt conveyor conveying grain:
There is a difference between the actual running sliding condition and suppositional repose angle situation of grain. So the zero slope angle is suggested during calculating the capacity.
The structure and load distribution of grain sidewall belt conveyor are different with common grain conveying equipment. So manufacture is required to provide the related parameters when doing the process design. When adopts large angle belt conveyor instead of bucket elevator according to the advantage of large angle even vertical transport, the variety of outer structure should be fully considered.
Grain belongs to the small particles, loose and good liquidity material, easy to affected by the unstable status of the belt conveyor equipment, especially in the vertical transportation, grain is more sensitive to the running status of conveyor belt , which is easy to cause leakage; In addition, due to the effect of centrifugal force, it is also prone to occur material roll and pitch when grain passed through the arc segment. Therefore, in the procurement of equipment, manufacturer is required to adjust the related parameters and structure according to the characteristics of the grain material, in order to ensure smooth delivery of grain.
4.Material backflow.
After grains are discharged from the head sprocket, a few grain can not been discharged since they are in the wave clip, all of them will fall down during returning period which will occur material leakage.However, this phenomenon can not be eliminated fundamentally, measures of sealing and collection should be adopted to avoid wasting grain, keep the floor under the sidewall belt conveyor machine clean.
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