Layout Form of DJ Type Side Wall Belt Conveyor


In order to get a good condition for feeding material and discharging material,sidewall belt conveyor adopts “Z”type layout form,that means top level segment,bottom level segment and inclined segment,feeding in bottom level segment,discharging in top segment,corrugated wall belt conveyor adopts convex arc frame connection between top level segment and inclined segment,the bottom level segment and inclined segment adopt concave arc frame connection.
Top level segment,in order to adapt the different discharging height,the head frame is divided into the laigh type head frame(H=1000mm),the middle type head frame(H=1100-1500mm) and high type head frame(H=1600-2000mm).
Inclined segment:whatever the top segment adopt laigh ,middle or high support legs,all of the inclined segment adopt the laigh type legs.when the angle of the belt conveyor is larger than 45 degree,we suggest to adopt Ⅱtype middle frame.
Bottom level segment:it usually adopts laigh type middle legs.
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