Installation and Maintenance for Linear Vibrating Screen


Installation and Debugging
Fixing the channel steel on the base and keep horizontal error of four pivots no more than 1mm. The spring has been taken static stiffness test, so the same or close stiffness of spring should be fixed on different bearing positions of the same vibrating screen.
Fixing spring on down bearing and make convex plate enter the inner bore of spring and keep up and down parts centered bearing plate, drop the sieve plate and put on the spring.
Each part of screen must be connected firmly including all blots and spare parts. The minimum clearance is 30-50mm between vibration parts and fixation around.
The double-amplitude should be 5-8mm before delivery, the user can change the angle during two eccentric blocks of vibration motor to adjust the excitation force so that adjust the amplitude of the whole screen.   

Operation and Maintenance
Before operation,
1.Please check whether the barrier holds back operation and bolt looses, especially fasten the bolt fixed on vibration motor, bearing, sieve deck.
2.Please check whether the rotating directions of two motors are different, if be the same, should change the connection way of one motor power and make the direction opposite.
3.When screen is working, first no-load test, then stopping to check whether it is normal. No-load test should be normal.
No-load running four hours later, measure the temperature of bearing which can not more than 75℃, fasten the connecting bolts again, repeating 2-3 times.
4.While feeding, materials should be even to keep dropping onto the deck uniform. If pulling to one side, the feeding point should be adjusted .
5.Before stopping the linear vibrating screen, stop feeding first. Don’t stop the machine until the material on the deck is over. Clean the material and sundries promptly after stopping the linear vibrating screen.
linear vibrating screen