The Notice of Installation of Linear Vibrating Screen Sieve


1.Pay attention to select the sieves with a bigger wire diameter,because the sieves installation for linear vibrating screen is tedious.
2.When we cut sieves,the width of sieves should be the same with frame width,and the length sieves should be 50-70mm longer than frame length.
3.During installation,we should tension the sieves,because the sieves tension degree depends on the screen effect.
4.During the installation of clean sieves balls,we should consider the screen difficulty and mesh,don’t install blindly.
5.If the density of the material is too large or the mesh is too high,we should add the scale board sieve with suitable mesh at the bottom,the purpose is playing a supporting role,to reduce the pressure which from material,and extend service life.
6.After the sieve frame was installed into the screen box,please note to put the end sieve into the inlet,to avoid material-mixing.
7.When we install pressure plate,we need to note the flatness,and add the spongia seal around the plate to lock the plate,it’s the key factor which influences the sieves service life.
8.After installation,please use few material to test the screen machine,if the material moves forward equably and can be classified accurately,so it shows there is no mixing material phenomenon and it means the screen is ok.Otherwise,if the material is off tracking or clustering,we should adjust the sieve flatness,if the material was mixed,please check whether the sieve is sealed well and whether it is pressed tight. 

linear-vibrating-screen sieve