Strict Inspection For Linear Vibration Screen Before Leaving Factory


a.In the processing of linear vibrating screen parts manufacturing process, if there is drawing size precision, surface roughness, shape and position tolerance,heat treatment requirements,self inspection and special inspection should be performed to ensure that the workpiece is qualified, as well as the purchasing parts, components, raw materials are required to implement special inspection before storage, meanwhile,retention the quality records, certificates and other materials for the purpose of future reference.
b.According to the relevant provisions of A standard buyer acceptance inspection outline linear vibrating screen reflect the equipment performance and basic parameters related to the size of the tender, provide documents for seller’s confirmation, which includes equipment name and specifications, test items, test methods, test tools, process diagram and judgment criterion.
c.Each part size specification, the interface, the technical request and so on should be checked and accepted according to the drawing.
d.All of linear vibration sieve will undergo strict inspection by quality inspection department before leaving factory, the company is equipped with a set of special equipment vibration testing instruments, strict control of the technical parameters of the product, products which don’t meet the technical requirements is not allowed to leave the factory.
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