Maintenance of Linear Vibrating Screen


Linear vibrating screen is one of the most commonly used vibration screen. Its maintenance and repair is essential, as good maintenance strategy and maintenance method can effectively prolong the lifespan of linear vibrating screen. So, let us take a look at the maintenance strategies and maintenance methods of linear vibrating screen.

The maintenance strategies of linear vibrating screen can be divided into three phases, before use, in use and after use.

Maintenance before use: linear vibrating screen should equip with electrical protection device; for initially use, anchor bolts should be checked each time before using in order to prevent loosening; check for damage on the screen mesh etc..
Maintenance in use: check the rotation of motor, if does not meet the requirement, adjust the power phase sequence; check unusual of the vibration; examine the stability of current.

rotation of  vibration screen motor
Maintenance after use: periodically check the lubricate situation of machinery components, every two weeks operation, need to add the lubricating oil; after a total operation of one thousand five hundreds hours, check the wear of bearing; if long time do not use it, insulation resistance should be measured before use.

linear vibrating screen design