The Influence Factors in the Roller of Mine Belt Conveyor


Roller as an important part of mine belt conveyor,the transportation belt conveyor is under 70% or more of the resistance material.Replaced as utilization rate,frequency of conveyor accessories, we are in the selection use and maintenance of the need to consider some aspects to improve the use performance of roller.
(1)The sealing effect is bad:
Mine belt conveyor roller internal axial non-contact labyrinth seal is used,its characteristic is inside and outside seal gap formed between small twists and turns to realize seal,dust prevention effect is good,but the waterproof effect is poorer and the production status of the mining belt conveyors is large dust,water dust removal at the same time,so the seal used in roller must has good dustproof and waterproof effect.If water will corrode the roller bearings,and the bearing will be damaged for the dust entering,ultimately it will affect the service life of the roller.
(2)Supporting roll shaft alignment is poor:
Cold drawing roller to optical axis,its characteristic is its surface roughness and the dimensional accuracy without machining can meet the drawing requirements,and is used conveniently,so the labor can be saved.But because of cold drawing axis production due to factors such as the wear and tear of milled dimension precision is not stable,often has a violation and easy cause bending in the transport process,it makes the alignment of the belt conveyor roller shaft poor,and the bearing clearance when installing the roller on both ends of the supporting can not be guaranteed and roller rotation resistance increases,affecting the service life of roller.
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