Notice item of Mobile belt conveyor operation


Mobile belt conveyor is a portable belt conveyor, which is easy to move everywhere. And its lifting height can be adjustable according to the customers’ requirements. Since the conveyor is portable belt conveyor, generally its length is better not more than 20 meters. The width can be 500mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm. The mobile belt conveyor is widely used in transporting bulk material, bag material and box goods etc.
1.At first, please close the switch, and then change the tap position.
2.During running, prohibit changing the tap position.
3.If tap position could not be operated normally, please rotate the V-belt manually to assist.
4.Detailed operation of adjust belt conveyor by tail drum:
1)Face to the tail drum, if left dislocation, please make the tension device left to back tense.
2)If right dislocation, please make the tension device right to back tensed.
3)Head drum, if left dislocation, please make the jackscrew left to up tight.
4)Head drum, if right dislocation,please make the jackscrew right to up tight.
5.Maintenance of belt conveyor
Please Lubricate the screw bolts termly;
Please make the conveyor belt anti-rain and anti-sun;
Please check and oil for the reduction box, speed changing box termly;
Please lubricate the steel wire rope termly.