Superior Performance of NE Plate Chain Bucket Elevator


1.Wide conveying application. Plate chain bucket elevator is applicable for elevating general powder, granular and lump and even abrasive big lumps with the highest temperature of 250℃.
2.Plate chain bucket elevator is energy economical type with comparatively lower conveying power consumption. The series adopts feeding input and weighting guiding discharge, with reduction of non-digging power, inertia power and material return occurrence.
3.High capacity. The highest capacity reaches 800m3/h.
4.Long life operation. Flow-in feeding model and high strength, ware resistance plate chain as carrying member greatly reduce abrasion and increase operation life.
5.Stable operation with easy handling. Cement plate chain bucket elevator casing is folding press formed with great strength.
6.Good seal performance. Advanced design and reliable workmanship adopt in shaft seal, inspection door seal and welding points. The complete equipment has high seal performance with reduced environmental pollution.
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pate chain bucket elevator