No-load Trial Operation and Load Trial Operation of Fixed Belt Conveyor on Site


1.No-load trial operation
After finishing installing all the parts of the belt conveyer,please let it go into no-load trial operation. The operation time should not less than 2 hours and please observe, check up and adjust all the parts to prepare for the no-load trial operation. During the no-load trial operation, observe the performance of all the parts. If there is any problem in the equipment, please adjust in time.

2. Load trial operation

The fixed belt conveyor goes into the load trial operation after the no-load trial operation and the necessary adjustment. the purpuse is to check whether the technical parameters of the departments concerned have reached the design requirement and to adjust the equipment which has problems.
2.1 The way on loadingThe heap capacity should be from small to large. Let the equipment goes into the trial operation, first loading 20% of the rated load and then loading 50﹪, 80﹪,and 100﹪.The continuous operating time of the trial operation should not less than 2 hours under all the loads.
Besides, deciding whether to conduct the experiments of starting and operating under the 110%~125% of the rated load should be according to the requirements of the system’s process flow.
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