Noise causes and solutions of TB plate chain bucket elevator (Ⅰ)


 TB plate chain bucket elevator
, which is widely used in power plant, coal, cement and other industries, usually lifts dry powdery material or granular material, therefore, inevitably the materials will be spilled or dust flied, these will lead to abnormal operation of chain bucket hoist and cause noise. Now PK Machinery summed up the source of chain bucket lifter noise and solutions, please check.
(1) Abnormal noise of head sprocket wheel and end sprocket wheel:
There is almost no noise when head sprocket wheel and end sprocket wheel work normally; the bearing seat will causes noise when bearing damages due to poor sealing or lubrication.
Check the sprocket wheel bearings carefully; please replace promptly when bearings damage.
(2) Abnormal noise inside the casings:
It is mainly due to break off, damage or loose of the buckets. We should stop the elevator immediately under this situation, check and repair the buckets carefully.
In the daily work, we should inspect
In the daily work, it is necessary to check whether the buckets are intact, the connection between buckets and plate chain is solid or not, when chain bucket lifting machine works in every 500 hours, to ensure the stability of the buckets. At the same time, a fence can be installed at outlet of bucket elevator to prevent other equipment from damage due to the falling of buckets.
(3) Abnormal noise produced by the friction between buckets and casings because of loose chain.
When plate chain bucket elevator works for a long time, the chain will have a certain degree of tension and it is too loose, so the chain will swing during running, the buckets are easy to crash to casings.
The solution is to adjust the tension device, so that the chain swings keep in 3 mm from the left and right.
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