Noise causes and solutions of TB plate chain bucket elevator (Ⅱ)


 Now PK Machinery will continue to introduce  the source of chain bucket lifter noise and solutions, please check.
(4)Noise generated by the guide plate colliding with the buckets. The guide plate collides with bucket is due to small spacing between the head wheel and guide plate, there will be constant collision and friction during work. Buckets are very easy to damage and fall off if we don’t pay attention for a long time.
The solution: adjust the position of the guide plate, increase the spacing.
(5)Abnormal noise will exists if there are materials between the guide plate and buckets, and the guide plate will be damaged ahead of time.
The solution: enlarge the inlet corner of base section, increase the loading space for material inside the bucket elevator equipment.
(6)Abnormal noise generated by bearing failure.
Mostly the material spilled down in the running will broke the bearings. During lifting, when buckets loads too much, the material spilled out from the hopper and fall on the bearing, resulting in bearing locking, not flexible operation.
The solution: replace bearings in time, and clean up the spilled material in the bearing parts.
(7)Material or other things stuck in the casing make abnormal noise.
Before running, we should better clean up the materials accumulated in bottom section to prevent the cement plate chain bucket elevator failure when something stuck in the casing during work.
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