Noise causes and solutions of TB plate chain bucket elevator (Ⅲ)


Now PK Machinery will continue to sum up the source of chain bucket lifter noise and solutions, please see the following:
(8)Noise generated by bite between chain and sprocket wheel. This is for chain bucket elevator. In operation, there will be dislocation of chain and sprocket wheel when biting because of the loose chain; the chain will be deformation and damage increasing if you don’t pay attention for a long time.
Solution: adjust the take-up device, tension the chain.
(9)There will be noise when the chain cannot separate from the sprocket successfully.
Solution: lubricate the sprockets or chain to reduce noise.
(10)The two shaft of coupling are concentric will have noise.
The coupling of motor and gearbox or the coupling with the brake wheel will cause plate chain bucket elevator noise.
Solution: adjust location of the motor and gearbox promptly to avoid reducer input shaft fracture.
(11)Noise generated by the gearbox.
Due to long running of bucket elevator, loss of consumption of gearbox internal fuel increases and pays no attention to maintenance makes the noise.
Solution: check and refill the lubricant periodically.
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