Operation Points of Screw Conveyor


During operating the screw conveyor, we not only should ensure the design technology, but also should meet the basic safety requirement during using and maintaining.
1.Operation and maintenance personnel must be carried out security technology training and practice, only after passing the examination,they are allowed to work.
2.All the start and adjustment of the safety device of screw conveyor machine, must be done by staff who is competent.
3.During designing, certain safety requirement has been considered, during using,
User should not do the change which will affect the original design, manufacture, installation and safety requirement without the approved of original design and manufacture.
4.Warning signal and safety measure should be taken before starting the screw conveyor.
5.Check whether each part of the screw conveyor equipment is loose or not, whether the voltage is normal, whether the lubrication system is good before starting the screw conveyor.
6.Check whether the screw conveyor device can start smoothly, whether there is abnormal noise and vibration during starting.
7.Observe whether the motor and reducer have abnormal noise and check screw conveyor operation situation during operation.
8.Prohibit stopping the machine strip and continue feeding material to the screw conveyor system after stopping.
9.When one set screw conveyor fails, please immediately stop material flow to upstream equipment.
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