Main Reason of Low Efficiency for Port Belt Conveyor System


The main reason of low efficiency for port belt conveyor system is that the load characteristic is not matched with the torque characteristics of motor. When the loading of the motor is small, the running efficiency of the motor will be low; when the loading of the motor is bigger, the motor can run in higher efficiency.
We usually consider the highest capacity during primary design and the model selection principle for the reducer and motor is best on big but not small. On the other side, the required start power is big since the belt conveyor system with more conveyor rollers and longer conveyor belt , also because it is the mechanical equipment with bigger inertia moment. In order to meet the start requirement, we usually select the motor with bigger rated power, in general, there will be a surplus of 20%-45%.
In addition, the load and unload equipment in different position, leads to the big vary for the length of section with material, thus the material distribution is not even and the running load of the belt conveyor varies greatly.
The above factors are the main reasons for low efficiency of port belt conveyor system.If you want to learn more about our belt conveyor, welcome to visit our website:www.pkmachinery.com