Features of Portable Belt Conveyor


1. Portable belt conveyor mainly includes the following series:
1) DY50 - belt width 500mm
2) DY65 - belt width 650mm
3) DY80 - belt width 800mm
4) DY100 - belt width 1000mm
2. Portable belt conveyor can be equipped with lifting device, which is used to adjust the conveyor height. The lifting device mainly consists of electric motor and worm gear reducer. It has the features of simple structure and operational safety.
3. According to different handling requirements, portable belt conveyor has two kinds of speed (high speed and slow speed) to transport bulk material and packaged products.
4. Steel tubes are installed in both sides of belt conveyor to prevent the packaged products dropping out. And regulating handle can be installed on the both sides of feeding hopper to prevent bulk material leakage.
5. Portable belt conveyor is equipped with two kinds of moving wheels, big and small ones.
1) Big wheel is generally rubber tire.
2) Small wheel can be nylon universal wheel, which has automatic steering function and ensures flexible and convenient movement of belt conveyor.
6. Conveyor frame uses truss structure, which has good rigidity and sufficient strength.  

portable belt conveyor