What Are the Precautions for Safety During Using the Bucket Elevator


1. Non load and load commissioning before the bucket elevator is put into operation.
2.The equipment must start non loaded. Feeding stop first and after fully discharging the equipment can be stopped.
3.Particular operator should be matched for handling the bucket elevator and begin his responsibility after necessary training.
4.In operation all inspection doors must be closed. Low voltage lighting need to be placed at upper, lower and middle section inspection door.
5.Any problem occurred in operation, the equipment should be stopped and the problem should be solved. If minor problem with no influence to the operation, it can be solved during maintenance.
6.Regular check the working parts. Don’t clean and repair on the working parts in operation.
7.The slow moving unit must be operated in non loaded condition.
8.Keep normal oiling at all oiling points.
9.No obstacles in access to emergency switch and all walkways with lighting.
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