Precautions for Use of Belt Conveyor


Belt conveyor system
is a friction-driven mechanism for transporting material continuously. It can convey materials from the initial feeding point to the final discharge point in a certain way, to form a material delivery process. It can transport not only bulk materials, but also packaged goods.

With regard to the use of belt conveyors, it is necessary to take the problems into account, in order to use the belt conveyor safely and properly.
Belt conveyor must be selected according to material properties and transportation requirements; it shall not be overloaded and must be to prevent clogging and flashing, to keep the process smoothly.
1.the conveyor belt width should be sufficient for a specific load and material characteristics;
2.the conveyor angle must be designed to prevent the material slipping or rolling under normal operating conditions;
3.the conveyor should has the control device to ensure uniform feeding;
4.the slope of hopper or chute wall, the location and size of discharge port must be able to ensure that the material flows out by its own gravity;
5.the inlet point should be located in the horizontal section, and set the stock guide, but it is necessary to set up auxiliary charging facilities when the inlet point must be located in the inclined section;
6.it should be installed blanking baffle in the vertical tension device section;
7.the inlet section should take measures to reduce the impact.

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