3 Brilliant Ways Help You to Prevent Trommel Screen Mesh Blockage


On 30th October, we received a feedback from a Kazakhstan customer that screen blockage occurred in the operation process of trommel screen,the screening effect is very poor. Meanwhile,we asked customer to send us the on site operation photographs and found out the blockage was caused by the high humidity screening material, here our engineers gives relevant solutions to prevent blockage as follows:
1.Set up an automatic cleaning brush on the top of trommel screen , thus the screen mesh will be cleaned automatically in the operation.
2.Equipped with air compressors, as screening material is sand which is slightly damp, so cleaning purpose can be achieved by air force.
3. Add an anti blocking device, through high frequency and small force of vibration impact, and match with elastic sieve surface, which can efficiently clean up the blockage to ensure qualified materials pass through the screen mesh smoothly under humid conditions.
Besides, you can also adopt the textile screen mesh which is made of 16Mn,with strong strength, good abrasion resistance and high screening efficiency, the service life of screen mesh can reach more than 2 years.
Hope the above methods can be helpful,further information please click: www.pkmachinery.com

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