How to Estimate if Roller Bearing is Malfunction


Generally speaking, conveyor roller plays a vital role in belt conveyor, suffering more than 70% of resistance, while bearing is the most precision parts of roller. During its using, bearing is very easy to be damaged. So what kind of ways can avoid this phenomenon? If operator could estimate if the bearing is malfunction by not removing inspection, it will greatly improve working efficiency.
1.Identify whether bearing is malfunction by sounding bearing, which requires operators have a lot of practical experience. It must carry out strict training to estimate whether the sound is made by bearing.
2.Identify by the temperature of working device, but there are some limitations. After constantly having record the data of temperature changes for many times, we can estimate whether bearing is malfunction in the operating conditions.
3.Identify whether bearing is malfunction by dirty lubricant. Once there are other different things mixed with lubricant, the bearing almost will be damaged.
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