Rotary Vibrating Screen Commissioning Operation and Adjustment Tips


Rotary vibrating screen is an ideal choice for fine and superfine powder and particle like silica sand,sugar,fertilizer,calcium carbonate and ceramic powder.Here PK Machinery will introduce some tips about rotary vibrating screen commissioning operation and adjustment.
1.Turn on the power switch, conduct non-load running for 20-30 minutes. Make sure the motor run clockwise, if it is in wrong direction, please adjust three phase power.
2.Make sure vibration motor is operated within the rated current range. At the start of operation, especially under low-temperature occasions, the current will be slightly higher, but 20-30 minutes later, it should be reduced to rated current value.
3.Abnormal sound is not allowed, if occurs, please shut down the machine quickly for inspection. The occurrence of abnormal sound is generally caused by the loosening of fastened parts, especially in transportation and reassembly, pay great attention to the fastening of various parts.
4.After non-load running, feed small amount of material into the machine, then adjust the feeding rate slowly and evenly to meet machine capacity.
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