Extensive Application Range Introduction Rotary Vibrating Screen Separator


As we all know,rotary vibrating screen separator plays an important role in sieving fine particles and powers,do you exactly know the application range?Here PK Machinery will introduce as follows:
Food industry: milk powder, starch, gourmet powder, wheat flour, bread flour, yeast, seasonings, powdered sugar,fish meal;
Chemical industry: polyethylene, PVC, electrode material, resin, graphite, fertilizer, wood powder, activated carbon, fertilizer;
Metallurgy industry: alloy powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, zinc powder, nickel powder, alumina, glass powder, casting sand, lime, kaolin,clay,mineral salts;
Ceramic abrasive: silicon carbide, boron carbide, quartz sand, pottery clay, glaze, mud, diamond, refractory material, white carbon black;
Pigment abrasive: aluminum silver paste,coating, iron oxide red, pearl pigment, ceramic pigments, laser powder and so on;
Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese and western powdery medicine, Chinese and western liquid medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates.
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