Several Steps for Quickly Changing the Sieve Mesh of the Rotary Vibrating Screen


Our sieve mesh of the rotary vibrating screen has been installed before leaving the factory. After using a period, if the customer wants to replace the sieve mesh, you can implement the replacement of the screen mesh quickly and easily,and don’t affect the enterprise screening material progress. According to the following operation steps,you only need 3 to 5 minutes to achieve the replacement of the sieve mesh,specific steps are as follows:
1.Put the sieve mesh of the rotary vibrating screen on the lower net,then tighten the sieve mesh on the lower net ,you should be careful not to pull the sieve mesh too tight,just being flat is ok.
2.Use the bolts to press the lower net and the sieve mesh on the upper net together, pay attention that the bolt should be symmetrical and in uniform pressure.
3.In the end, fasten the sieve mesh on the net,now we finish the replacement.
According to the material, you can change the sieve mesh which is suitable to sieve the material.