Performance Introduction of Rotary Vibrating Screen Ultrasonic Generator


Rotary vibrating screen ultrasonic generator adopts advanced microcomputer control technology and the new circuit design concept,l a new generation of muti-functional ultrasonic power supplier and shows up the performance Introduction of rotary vibrating screen ultrasonic generator as following:
1.The control box adopts microcomputer digital frequency synthesis technology, which is under control by computer,frequency tracking automatically.
2.Adjustable digital power ultrasonic, more flexible. Power is stronger and more efficient.
3.Perfect protection function: overheating protection and over-current protection, work state is more reliable.
4.Four timer, time control is accurate to seconds, ensuring the quality of your work.
5.It can display "work mode", "frequency" according to your need.
6.Provide external control interface, make the connection with other control.
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